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Woven Sacks FIBCs

With the backdrop of our successful journey with woven PP Bags/FIBC, and in continuous pursuit of improved technology, MTPL, after an intensive brain-storming and prolonged research work came out with innovation of a unique metamorphosed form of fabric which can be used for woven sacks and FIBC named as PolyJute. It is an ad-mixture of bio-degradable jute yarn with fully recyclable polypropylene yarn. Being located in the hub of jute belt, it gives us locational advantage.

FIBC bags have been successfully proved to carry SWL/SF 1000 kgs / 5:1, and in pursuit of improved variety, we are in process of developing the same with higher SWL.

Woven Sacks : The weaving of jute and polymer has come out with a striking result of reduction in the weight of the jute bag by 40% (approx.) and at the same time retaining the feel and smell of original jute bags with increased strength.

However to sum up, the followings are concluded.

  • Bags are food grade;
  • Bags are recyclable;
  • Bags can be unweaved to recycle Jute and PP Yarn separately;
  • Unique nature of carrying same capacity with less bag weight compared to Jute;
  • Bags are breathable conducive for packing potato and onion;
  • Packing of coffee/cocoa in these bags helps to retain original aroma of the product;
  • These bags are cheaper variant of traditional jute bags;
  • These bags are costlier than normal PP woven bags.
  • The bags can be custom made for different applications.
  • Bags can be recycled and used for different applications such as jute felts, jute rugs, etc. Further innovations are on-going.


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