Mittal Group has a total capacity of manufacturing 1500 MT per month with state of the art Extrusion Lines having extrusion range from 400D to 5000D. We are a fully integrated unit which gives us the advantage of retaining a superior degree of quality assurance, and allows us to customize our products exactly as per customer requirements.
GRAVIMETRIC DOSING MIXING SYSTEM installed in the lamination plant to ensure uniform and precise mixing.


Mittal Group has a fleet of modern circular weaving machines like 6 shuttle , 8 shuttle and 10 shuttle looms. All the machines are fitted with Automatic tension control mechanism to monitor the weft breakage wastage and colour sensor based mechanism for the warp breakage control. Our fleet is capable of weaving fabric from as small as 14” ( 35 cm ) to as large as 98” ( 250 cm ) diameter. We can make fabric from 5x5 mess to 18×18 mesh.


Webbing is a very crucial stage in the construction of FIBCs. We have a variety of belt weaving machine. The webbing machines can weave webbing from 6mm to 100mm in size, and 60 KGF to 4000 KGF in strength. The webbing can be completely customized in terms of patterns, colours and textures. We also offer soft loops as well as multifilament webbing.


Creating a moisture barrier is a fundamental outcome of Extrusion coating process. We have extrusion coating lines with an installed capacity of more than 6 million meters/month. We can coat wide width fabric up to 250 cm.
Our coating plants are fitted with automatic laser sensing and edge-trimming devices that allow for narrow edge trim cutting. Pre-heating and Corona treatment for heavy gauge FIBC fabric and post lamination perforation / gusseting is a standard fitment.
GRAVIMETRIC DOSING MIXING SYSTEM installed in the lamination plant to ensure uniform and precise mixing.


With a liner-making capacity of 150 MT per month we provide a wide range of liners ranging from 25 cm tube to 250 cm tube / 5.0 meters lay-flat sheets having thickness from 20 to 200 microns. Should your requirement demand it, we can make “form fit” liners, shape liners, flange liners with tabbing or loose with or without antistatic properties.


We have state of the art Multifilament Plant with an installed capacity of 100 MT / Month having range from 300D to 10000D. We can offer AIM ( Air Intermingled ) or Twisted with a variety of colours and UV protection.


We have a vast range of options in printing from 7-color automatic printing machine to deliver a variety of printing requirements for PPWS. These machines are equipped with corona treatment of up to 42 dyne.FIBCs section is complemented with manual printing machines that are capable in printing from one to four colours up to 80” width with auto gear system which gives utmost precession while printing.


We boast of one of the finest clean room facilities in the country with BRC “AA” certified by SGS. We make the entire range – Type A, Type B & Type C FIBCs in all different constructions like Baffle Bags, U panel Bags, Circular Bags, Single and Two Loop Bags. We also specialize in Garden Waste Bags, Pallet-less FIBCs, Woven and Film-type Container Liners, and many more. We are pioneers in sugar bags , sand bags and all other type of PPWS laminated or unlaminated with ultrasonic hemming. We have over 300 stitching machines and other support machinery working 24x7x365 which makes our facility one of the best in India – and indeed, in the world.


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