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Drum bags are great options to use in place of steel or fiber drums, or to line drums.

A FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) drum bag is a large container made of flexible material, such as woven polypropylene, that is used for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as grains, animal feed, and chemicals. We are the top manufacture of FIBC bags which you can find it by searching online or by contacting trade associations or industry groups.

  • Space saving and more cost efficient.
  • Sizing: 20" diameter or smaller
  • Spout top, duffel top, or open fill

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As soon as you select Mittal you are guaranteed about Quality, Service, and perfection.

  • Our aim is to offer cost effective products to our partners.
  • 100% EOU facility with BRC AA certified food grade facility.
  • Making certified products with the lowest fabric weight (GSM) and the highest safe working load rating is a goal that we’ve constantly prefer.
  • We believe in ethical business and for us business means long term relationship, that is why we are continuously catering most of our valuable clients since more than 15 years.
  • We never compromise with commitment and quality.
  • Service and durability is our utmost priority.
  • Our location is within 20 km from PORT and on the Highway.
  • MTPL nurtured its employees as a close –knit family extending the values of togetherness, culture, recognition and integrity, which results the 2nd generation of our employees are also working with us.


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